International Flavors In Our Backyard

Is it possible to experience international meals made with local ingredients? Although ginger, ancho chiles, jasmine rice and prosciutto di Parma are not native to the Hudson Valley, we can still enjoy these and other foods from around the world combined with primary ingredients from our local farmers and food artisans. Throughout the year Hudson Valley meats, poultry, produce and dairy can provide the base for everything from New Orleans chicken creole to Thai spring rolls.
Surely your kitchen is stocked with foods that may have traveled great distances before reaching your table. Soy sauce, prosciutto and piquillo peppers can complement the delicious foods that Hudson Valley producers offer. The next time you decide to bring the spices of the Middle East, Europe or South America to your kitchen, consider which ingredients may be available from producers in your area.
We hope our chefs and their recipes inspire you to travel the world one plate at a time.