Green Peas TV is a traveling regional cooking show, a road trip through the Berkshires of Massachusetts, the northwest corner of Connecticut, and all across the Hudson Valley of New York State. Each episode pairs one of the many celebrated chefs of the area with a member of the community, people from all walks of life. As you will see, this recipe can yield some pretty interesting results. Think of it as the Food Network meets reality TV.

Within this entertaining, yet instructional setting, Green Peas TV strives to promote the concept of supporting and buying from local food sources. We’ll place the spotlight (and our cameras) on our family farms, our wineries, our orchards… we have food artisans of all shapes and sizes. Let’s face it, we’re very fortunate to have the choices we have. We’re an incredibly bountiful region, perhaps a fact that is overlooked or taken for granted. Our aim is to create a greater demand for locally-produced food by gradually making the public aware of the true cost of buying food that is shipped from across the miles, both to their own health and to the community they live in. We’ll promote our local merchants, our neighbors, and in turn, we’ll strengthen our local economy, support our endangered farms, protect the environment, and our own health.